Back At It Again

from by Teqneek

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I went away for a year once. Came back, dropped this track like "awww yeah boyzzz I'm back!", then promptly disappeared for 2 more years due to the ass-kicking that life is currently administering unto me...


I'm back at it again with a vengeance //
Like a crack addict who fled interventions // (matter fact)
I'm a rap addict arrested And sentenced //
To the pen for the sentences I invented with pens, bitch //

...Instrumentals injected with freshness //
Imma rhyme virus infection I spread in a message //
In possession of a pad & writing utensil at all times //
Since my cognitive thought process evolved to involve rhymes //

I swear to god I think in rhyme form it's making me crazy as Ray Finkle the day he became Einhorn //
Lying like I'm fine but in no way am I okay //
Writing and editing Kill Teq may really kill me //

Agressively assemblin' an album allowing any //
Assassins around accessibility at an attempt at me //
And you still curious what it is I been doin' lately? //
I'm still encouraging murdaraz to exterminate me //

(Damn,) I had a message I intended to send in this //
Yet I can't remember it 'cause I so heavily edited this //
Evidence every sentence I've ever penned is a testament //
To overobsession and overexcessive perfectionism //

One more comparison to Nimbus the General //
Imma kick the shit out of his shriveled feminine genitals //
Incredible- you know, the most impressive flow //
Cuz everybody stepping up to challenge Teq's is toast //

I decided I had to take a hiatus from deadlines //
After navigating a path through the battle brackets with Teq's rhymes //
And what you saw as a defamation of character//
Was really a professional defecatin' on amateurs/

I kidnapped every bracket in Clabtrap //
On a mission to kick ass and to win that and I did that //
I dispatched and I bitch slapped every rapper//
I battled in the last year and a half if you didn't hear about it //

I blazed a path through a gaggle of rap foes //
And a couple were mad dope & a couple were ass holes (Eye Cue) //
He lacked class so I did what I had to //
And I smacked Cue with a backpack full of rap rules //

Never intended to get in a vendetta //
My mission was for acceptance respect and to get better //
I half expected a positive impact //
Instead of getting discounted in diss track after diss track //

Cue- I earn wins I'm a verb murdering wordsmith //
You a turd burgalin' sperm gurgalin' cervix //
I got away from the game it was hectic //
So I left, now I'm back at it again with a vengeance //


from Random Acts of Flyness, released January 13, 2017
Lyrics/Vocals- J.D. Hart
Composer- C.J. Snow



all rights reserved


Teqneek Norfolk, Virginia

Random Acts of Flyness... It's out! Get It!


Keep a lookout, because it's about to get crazy up in here. Sons.

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