Deep End

from by Teqneek

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Extra song I threw in as an apology to the billions of upset fans when they heard my album release would be pushed back 3 days. This song was originally to be part of the Kill Teqneek album, but not anymore!


I walk fast to make up for the lost moments//
At every fork in the path where I stop and I smell roses//
And I'd pick a few but ain't anyone close to give'em to//
And I'm pissed that mine is the only voice I can listen to//

I don't drink and I don't eat and I don't blink//
And I'm so weak cuz I don't sleep and I don't dream//
But I never bothered to really ever fulfill a dream//
I'm an innovator who never bothered to build a thing//

And I'm so lonely I don't know where the road's going//
In the old hood but I don't see any old homies//
With no hope and with no way to control things//
And I'm mad dirty with no soap in mah soap thing//

But I hope happiness unfolds where I'm going//
And I don't know but I don't know it'll know me//
...And I don't know if you know me//
But I'm so broke that I don't know if I own me//


...And I don't know if I own me//
...And I don't know what I owe you//
...And I don't know if I own me//
...And I don't know what I owe you//

But I hope that someday soon someone'll come and show me//
How to get to where the hell it is I'm supposed to be go_ing//
Hello- I'm the lone wolf with a notebook and an ink pen'//
Who tied bricks to his feet as he dove off of the deep end//

I'm noticing more and more that I'm really fuckin' unfocused//
I'm noticing more and more that I really suck at promotion//
I'm noticing that the world is a cold-ass place'//
Where I'm dyin' to hold on with nobody to hold me//

I'm the bag of meat that you tossed that impacted Earth like a meteor//
But a little early by 70 million years or so//
The street performer you never seen on the streets before//
Because yo ass ain't been out in the fuckin' streets before//

I'm a multitasker who never completes a challenge//
I'm paradoxically crazy yet anchored in rationality//
I'm a pessimist and I really dont wanna be one//
But I been through hell for the past 73 months//

And the pressure it never eases I never feel the relief//
In an infinite chain of awful with adamantium links//
A catastrophe every day keeps the happiness all at bay//
I'm noticing an increase in my lack of energy nowadays//

And I'm overworked I'm misunderstood and I'm underpaid//
And I'm overlooked underestimated and I'm afraid//
I'm overstressed if you overzealous and overjoyed //
You can go to hell cuz I'm overwhelmed and I'm unemployed//


from Random Acts of Flyness, released January 13, 2017
Lyrics/Vocals- J.D. Hart
Composer- A. Rose



all rights reserved


Teqneek Norfolk, Virginia

Random Acts of Flyness... It's out! Get It!


Keep a lookout, because it's about to get crazy up in here. Sons.

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