Stupid Human Tricks

by Teqneek

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    'KILL TEQNEEK'... Teq's long-awaited solo album is slated to drop in Spring 2017- look out for it here!!!!!
    The 'Stupid Human Tricks' mixtape represents the work I've done in the time between Superiority Complex and the beginning of work on Kill Teqneek . You'll still see a lot of different sides of me, as my style has evolved a TON in that time.

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This fresh as all hell mixtape contains Songs, Battles, Collabs, and Batshit Insanity. From the time period between Teqneek's debut album Superiority Complex, and the upcoming all-new album Kill Teqneek- releasing this spring!


released August 15, 2013

Thanks to Scabbed Angel for the cover design, And Sunra for the graphics.

Mixtape collaborators: Axtekk, Rampant, Byron, DISL Automatic, Poniiboi, Butsaay, Fats, Rama, Eye-Cue, Breaker, KlazikNadi, Glitch, DJ Shak, Jakobe, EJ Spark, Rezzy Tip, MC Defection, Taise, Sunra, Bummer City Town, Carefoot, MDJ, Lil C, War Spawn, N1K, War Spawn, Obsideo, Infamous Rekt.



all rights reserved


Teqneek Norfolk, Virginia

Random Acts of Flyness... It's out! Get It!


Keep a lookout, because it's about to get crazy up in here. Sons.

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Track Name: Hell In A Cell
This was to be the intro track for my upcoming album Kill Teqneek, but I never got around to actually finishing it. BCT mixed my vocals on this one, and you can tell it has his signature style with the effects n' shyt. Beat by Anno Domini.
Track Name: Man Up- feat. DISL Automatic
RAWR! DOWN WIT DA MAN or some shit. This track's fuckin' ill tho.
Track Name: Jawbreaker- feat. Butsaay and Byron
Humble Drum Circle Collab. Beat by Axtekk.
Track Name: Razor- feat. Fats
Some boastful gangsterness. Sometime you just gotta be a boastful gangster... Beat by Rama.
Track Name: Splash Zone Cypher
Beat by Rama. Emcees in order: Teqneek, Eye-Cue, Fats, Breaker, Sky, Jakobe, Klazik, and someone I don't know son.
Track Name: Schizophonics- feat. Butsaay and Fats
We tried to "outcrazy" each other. This song is fucking bonkers.
Track Name: Clouded Eyes
My boy Taise asked me to hop on this collab with him, but we ran into a bunch of snags and it never ended up happening. Hopefully we can collaborate in the future on something dope. This is my part of the track.
Track Name: Stronger- feat. Poniiboi
We were both stressed as fuck and decided to vent a bit.

Beat by Ebon Hawk
Track Name: Clabscan Cypher
A bunch of heads from the 2012 Clabtrap competition reunited to put on a cypher. Emcees in order: Teq, SJD (Poniiboi), Fats, (Blasphem-e), Scuare, unknown dude, Axtekk, and Byron. Beat by Axtekk.
Track Name: Legacy- feat. Fats
Fats and I contemplate the future and how (or if) we'll be remembered after we're gone.
Track Name: Hunger Problems- feat. HDC
HDC members just talking about world starvation. Because we are sensitive to real world issues.
Track Name: Hashtag Cypher
Emcees in order: Glitch, Mickey Mao, Wolfie, Sunra, Blasphem-e, Razzy Tip, Teqneek, Jakobe, Bummer City Town.

Beat by Rama.
Track Name: Republic Of Rhyme- feat. Rampant
Teqneek is Barack Flobama. Rampant is Tony Flair. We comin to liberate you in the FACE, punk!

Beat by Rampant.
Track Name: Done It All- feat. EJ Spark
EJ asked me to be featured on his first mixtape. Of course, dawg!
Track Name: Lotion And Doo Doo (Best Worst Song Contest Winner)
Rampant threw a comp to see who could make the best terrible track. This shit is ridiculous. And it "won" the contest.
Track Name: Shots Fired / 44 Man Diss
In order to enter into the 2013 Clabtrap Emcee knockout Tournament, each rapper needed to submit a track hyping the competition. I became possessed by a rap demon and put together a 6 minute diss opera.

Beat by Rama
Track Name: I'm Black Moses
Black Moses is a 51 year old recovering addict / ex-convict. He is receiving messages from God, and in this track he explains his mission to infiltrate the 2013 Clabtrap Emcee Knockout Tournament, to save the unclean sould of his opponents.

Beat by DJ Shak. Mixing by Rampant.
Track Name: Jakobe vs Teqneek
Round 2 Clabtrap 2013 battle. At the time of posting, this battle is still open for judging. I'm winning by a slight margin (even though I beasted this shit lol).
Track Name: Teqneek vs NOT Carefoot
Round 1 battle for the 2013 Clabtrap Tournament. Except I removed this guy's verses, because it's fucking embarrasing to listen to.
Track Name: MDJ vs Teqneek
MDJ and I had some "serious internet beef" going on, so we decided to squash it using the sacred art of blind 32 grudge matching. Axtekk custom-made this beat for the battle, awww yeah.
Track Name: Teqneek vs Axtekk (Freestyle)
I suck at freestyling. Enjoy the train wreck.
Track Name: Teqneek vs N1K
From the 2013 International MC Invitational. Hosted by Mark David Johnson. I ended up beating him in a battle too. Cuz I'm such a gangsta.
Track Name: Teqneek vs War Spawn
My Humble Drum Circle initiation battle. I won in a close vote.
Track Name: PiGPEN vs Teqneek
We all know I won this shit.
Track Name: Teqneek vs Lil C
My very first battle, against a Weezy biter who I believe is the 4th worst rapper on earth. Prelim match for the 2012 Clabtrap Contest. I won this 34-2. Mickey Mao hates me.
Track Name: Obsideo vs Teq (as Milk Dud)
After I was eliminated from the 2012 Clabtrap comp, I decided to exact revenge by trolling the discussion board as 'Milk Dud'- a hopelessly illiterate, wildly delusional rapper who thinks he's the best and everyone else sucks. Those who took the bait challenge "Da Dud Train" to battle. He kindly obliged...
Track Name: Teq (as Milk Dud) vs Rampant
After I was eliminated from the 2012 Clabtrap comp, I decided to exact revenge by trolling the discussion board as 'Milk Dud'- a hopelessly illiterate, wildly delusional rapper who thinks he's the best and everyone else sucks. Those who took the bait challenge "Da Dud Train" to battle. He kindly obliged...
Track Name: Sex With Axtekk's Mom
I did 2 freestyles for this little battle with Axtekk. I decided to combine them to see what happened. Here you go...
Track Name: My First Collab (was a train wreck)
This dude is a really cool guy, but holy shit he ruined my first ever collab. Just, wow. I ended up redoing this song (and it came out 1,000x better) with Byron, but yo check this shit out because it's comedy gold.
Track Name: SPECIAL BONUS TRACK- (see description)
I ran into some trouble in the early stages of mastering this album. This song was my first mistake. Instead of exporting all of them to individual files, I exported every single track- TO ONE SOUND FILE. The result is what I imagine the apocalypse would sound like; enjoy!