Random Acts of Flyness

by Teqneek

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    This is a 20 song mixtape chronicling the time between Clabtrap 2013 and Kill Teqneek. The title is fitting, and you'll understand why after you download this little whippersnapper.

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released January 13, 2017

Album cover art by J. Michael Eberts
Album cover concept by Emily McFall.

Thank you... to all the people who helped make this album and to everyone who's ever told me they enjoyed my work. You guys keep me going. And thanks to the 2 girls who put the music back in my life...



all rights reserved


Teqneek Norfolk, Virginia

Random Acts of Flyness... It's out! Get It!


Keep a lookout, because it's about to get crazy up in here. Sons.

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Track Name: Back At It Again
I'm back at it again with a vengeance //
Like a crack addict who fled interventions // (matter fact)
I'm a rap addict arrested And sentenced //
To the pen for the sentences I invented with pens, bitch //

...Instrumentals injected with freshness //
Imma rhyme virus infection I spread in a message //
In possession of a pad & writing utensil at all times //
Since my cognitive thought process evolved to involve rhymes //

I swear to god I think in rhyme form it's making me crazy as Ray Finkle the day he became Einhorn //
Lying like I'm fine but in no way am I okay //
Writing and editing Kill Teq may really kill me //

Agressively assemblin' an album allowing any //
Assassins around accessibility at an attempt at me //
And you still curious what it is I been doin' lately? //
I'm still encouraging murdaraz to exterminate me //

(Damn,) I had a message I intended to send in this //
Yet I can't remember it 'cause I so heavily edited this //
Evidence every sentence I've ever penned is a testament //
To overobsession and overexcessive perfectionism //

One more comparison to Nimbus the General //
Imma kick the shit out of his shriveled feminine genitals //
Incredible- you know, the most impressive flow //
Cuz everybody stepping up to challenge Teq's is toast //

I decided I had to take a hiatus from deadlines //
After navigating a path through the battle brackets with Teq's rhymes //
And what you saw as a defamation of character//
Was really a professional defecatin' on amateurs/

I kidnapped every bracket in Clabtrap //
On a mission to kick ass and to win that and I did that //
I dispatched and I bitch slapped every rapper//
I battled in the last year and a half if you didn't hear about it //

I blazed a path through a gaggle of rap foes //
And a couple were mad dope & a couple were ass holes (Eye Cue) //
He lacked class so I did what I had to //
And I smacked Cue with a backpack full of rap rules //

Never intended to get in a vendetta //
My mission was for acceptance respect and to get better //
I half expected a positive impact //
Instead of getting discounted in diss track after diss track //

Cue- I earn wins I'm a verb murdering wordsmith //
You a turd burgalin' sperm gurgalin' cervix //
I got away from the game it was hectic //
So I left, now I'm back at it again with a vengeance //
Track Name: Seven Berettas
I'm gonna live to be a thousand and ten
I'm a hybrid, cybernetic with a robot head
Handle my business til the end because Teq gonna still hustle
And win eleven championships like I'm Bill Russell

Was the best before, now I'm an ass load better
This entitles me to be the biggest ass hole ever
Since I figured out my homies are really only competitors
I'm taking on the role of the intellectual predator

I need a bunch of people criticizing and hating me
Like I took a vacation from being dope and amazing
But dope and amazing is hopeless when you growing impatient
And sick of no recognition and getting totally anxious

I'm saying everyone's an emcee and it's pissing me off
And if this is the business model then the business is flawed
This isn't a riddle, the listeners are listening wrong
And I'm second-guessing to the point where I can't finish a song

So fuck it- no longer doing it for money and fame
I'm in the game to entertain and to remain sane-
(and I'm losing but) I'm doing this so I don't change my mind
And feed you seven Berettas so I can say you ate nines
Track Name: Bob Ross (feat. The Humble Drum Circle)
Ayo we got bars...

And they all awesome and some but//
Not all a' them awesome bars they can rhyme and apply to Bob Ross //
You got problems you mighta thought were unsolvable//
Then Bob Ross saved yo life when he solved all of 'em//

Better Call Saul or the Law Office of Bob Ross
...The Mob Don Bobby Don Juan with an art brush
And doggone it you long gone but you not, Bob
Imma talk at you like you still alive cuz you are Bobby

Bob Ross...

Why yo name rhyming with Job Loss?
Why yo name rhyming with pop tarts and with Wal-Marts?
...And lawn darts and with Paul Walker and hot dogs
And Mark's mom's jaws got a job polishing golf balls

The cops got called, better start running like Bob Ross
Cuz they got laws and you broke all of 'em- not smart
You can choose to either be hauled off to be locked up
Or do what Jesus would do if Jesus was Bob Ross
Track Name: I Just Bought A Gun (as D. Snuts)
I bought a gun-

And now I'm gonna be coming to your town//
I just bought a gun and you gonna be gunned down//
I used to wanna fill you with lead and I still do//
I just bought a gun and I'm ready to kill you//

When I was young it was stupid and so dumb//
My mama made me go play out in the hood with no gun//
No fun- they wouldn't even allow me to hold one//
Soon as I could I moved up outta that house and I bought a gun//
Track Name: Walk Away (feat. Red Shirt Mike & Cryptic Wisdom)
Mixing my liquor with amphetamine and PCP until I'm sicker than any wing at the CDC
I used to be a well-meaning and true to myself being, now you see a brutal beautiful musical hell-demon

They thinking abrasive music can make an insane abusive kid
Who turns into a douche who would kick a dame in the uterus
If that's the case then I guarantee to remain raw
By installing grenade launcher on all of my chainsaws

You appalled? Well the thing is while I'm addicted to strangeness
And addicted to crane-kicking the shit of Ray Smith
I will admit this is a bit of deranged entertainment
If you isn't with it then no need to listen, okay bitch?

Remain blissfully unaware in your underwear with a beer and don't worry about the mortars I'm launching off in the air
Or the fact I ran over 5 fat whores with a tractor
Cuz I'm Teq- the first Iraq War re-enactor
Track Name: Problem Child (feat. Byron)
There's a 97% chance that I'll slam, through a cinder block wall like the Kool-Ade Man...
Track Name: Get Hype Son
There's a song being done- and it's 55 Sons (OR IS IT????)
Track Name: Da Loneliest Cypher
It's Teq again and I'm reppin' the 7 cities
And leveling any enemy threat up in the vicinity
I'm running with the Circle of the Humble Drum
Cuz I'm the nerd with the verbals that'll crunch the Sun

And you can see me in the studio sharpening my ability
To be the illest musical lyricist on a killing spree
The rap battling thermonuclear warhead
I blast challengers through the roof to the floor dead
Track Name: Eye-Cue vs Teqneek
You lacked class so I did what I had to- and I smacked you with a back-pack fulla rap rules...
Track Name: Prototonus (feat. Fats & Rampant)
I have come to devour
From my ivory tower
I will take your first born daughter
And have her bear my son
My heir
I will slay the weak
And any who oppose me

Master of Pain, the Emperor of Darkness
Deathbreather, eater of he who seeks knowledge
Seven realms, and six have fallen
One final day to appease Prototonus

Prototonus devoured heaven//
He rules our realm and there's no protection//
Your mortal weapons, bring only sorrow//
We must appease Him to see tomorrow//

Prototonus You reign with might//
We offer You humble sacrifice//
Cats and goats, sons and daughters//
Slashed in the throat to appease Prototonus//

You will obey me
And rue my name
Form the sigil with your blood
It doesn't matter I will still consume your galaxy
I am Prototonus and
Your suffering fuels me

He reaches you, within your dreams
He speaks to you, eternal sleep
Seven realms, and six have fallen
Their insolence shall not be forgotten
Track Name: J.U.M.P. (as D. Snuts; feat. Fats as Deel Doe)
I'm ballin' outta control with a quarter- haters want it... I woulda bought a liter cola but I caint afford it... Cuz I was short a dolla sixty-fow'... You got a town-house I got a whole city-home...
Track Name: Real Emcees (feat.Taise)
I want my fans to understand what I mean, I plan and I scheme, ain't tryna be the man of your dreams
Track Name: Deep End
I walk fast to make up for the lost moments//
At every fork in the path where I stop and I smell roses//
And I'd pick a few but ain't anyone close to give'em to//
And I'm pissed that mine is the only voice I can listen to//

I don't drink and I don't eat and I don't blink//
And I'm so weak cuz I don't sleep and I don't dream//
But I never bothered to really ever fulfill a dream//
I'm an innovator who never bothered to build a thing//

And I'm so lonely I don't know where the road's going//
In the old hood but I don't see any old homies//
With no hope and with no way to control things//
And I'm mad dirty with no soap in mah soap thing//

But I hope happiness unfolds where I'm going//
And I don't know but I don't know it'll know me//
...And I don't know if you know me//
But I'm so broke that I don't know if I own me//


...And I don't know if I own me//
...And I don't know what I owe you//
...And I don't know if I own me//
...And I don't know what I owe you//

But I hope that someday soon someone'll come and show me//
How to get to where the hell it is I'm supposed to be go_ing//
Hello- I'm the lone wolf with a notebook and an ink pen'//
Who tied bricks to his feet as he dove off of the deep end//

I'm noticing more and more that I'm really fuckin' unfocused//
I'm noticing more and more that I really suck at promotion//
I'm noticing that the world is a cold-ass place'//
Where I'm dyin' to hold on with nobody to hold me//

I'm the bag of meat that you tossed that impacted Earth like a meteor//
But a little early by 70 million years or so//
The street performer you never seen on the streets before//
Because yo ass ain't been out in the fuckin' streets before//

I'm a multitasker who never completes a challenge//
I'm paradoxically crazy yet anchored in rationality//
I'm a pessimist and I really dont wanna be one//
But I been through hell for the past 73 months//

And the pressure it never eases I never feel the relief//
In an infinite chain of awful with adamantium links//
A catastrophe every day keeps the happiness all at bay//
I'm noticing an increase in my lack of energy nowadays//

And I'm overworked I'm misunderstood and I'm underpaid//
And I'm overlooked underestimated and I'm afraid//
I'm overstressed if you overzealous and overjoyed //
You can go to hell cuz I'm overwhelmed and I'm unemployed//
Track Name: Ten Feet
I'm Teqneek and my penis is ten feet; I ain't mean that I measured it, what I mean is it's 10 FEET
Track Name: Teqneek vs Prometheus
Grab all of your mediocre pieces of shit and delete 'em immediately because the people are pissed//
Better cease and desist or Teqneek'll make you cease to exist Prometheus is being dismissed, for being a bitch//
Track Name: LBC Story (as Warren G.- feat. Nate Dogg)
Now let me tell you a little story bout the L.B.C. //
Me- Warren to tha G... //

And Nate D-O-DUBBLE G Imma ride and swerve, //
I'm with my cousin Warren G and we gonna ride and swerve //


We hops in the ride, we skips to tha Lou, //
I skips to the sto', to grips me a deuce, //
I hops out the ride (I got the Cutlass coupe) //
I walk in the door and I see my homie Snoop //

He gotta fly purple hat on and the matching sneaks //
And a much brighter future than Warren G's //
A gang of ho's by his side from the 213 //
And a much brighter future than Warren G //

I looks to the side, at first I didn't see //
They got my homie Loc trapped, they won't let him leave //
He got a .9 in his hand, then Snoop looks up //
He pulls out a Glock and I said Oh Fuck //

Snoop Dogg about to get me and Warren killed //
I think he smokin' that Sherm I'm on parole as hell //
"What it do Snoop Snoop? I just came to help"... //

I got this, getcho ass in the car and bounce //

Yeah... another night as a young G, //
Hustaling to survive in the 213 //
Yeah, another night as a young G, //
Another day in the life of the L.B.C. //
...Another night growin up//
In a city that you hate and the only city you love //

That's a little too deep Mr. Warren G., //
You know Suge aint really big on philosophy //

Yeah... another night as a young G, //
Hustaling to survive in the 213 //
Yeah, another night as a young G, //
Another day in the life of the L.B.C., //

...Another night growin up //
In a city that you hate and the only city you love //
...Another night for me //
Another day, in the life, of a California king //
Track Name: Black Moses vs White Satan
I'm down on bended knee... I love JEEEESUS... You on yo knees too... Fo' other reasons...
Track Name: Sponsored (as D. Snuts)
Grey Goose bottle gonna make you wobble til it make you vomit on yo brand new Prada...
Track Name: En el Garaje
What's the name of that song?
Track Name: Rapid Wisdom Outro
I'm accumulating a massive amount of wisdom too rapidly...